Development of High Performance Diagnostic Array Replication Technology (HiPerDART) As with any new
technology, the use of DNA microarrays has presented a number of important obstacles, many of which have
limited their ability to move beyond research applications. For example, the data obtained from a traditional
microarray experiment can fluctuate dramatically due to small perturbations in assay conditions.

This fact, when coupled to the often extensive workflows required to perform an assay, has caused many experts to conclude that microarrays are not well suited to clinical applications. Other factors as limited content flexibility and high production costs contribute to this negative image. It is the aim of the present HiPerDART project to develop a higher standard (clinical) microarray technology platform, by proposing a highly innovative probe printing
technology, called Supramolecular NanoStamping (SuNS). Moreover, since at the same time in HiPerDART both
assay workflow will be minimized and signal-to-noise ratios will be improved, our technology platform promises
to dramatically improve the reliability (reproducibility and costs) of these (medical) tests.

Furthermore, in an industry dominated by U.S. players, it is imperative to establish a strong European presence at this early stage in the development of the clinical market. By using a complex disease as colon cancer to prove the strength of the HiPerDART microarray technology platform, already in the limited lifetime of this project a first HiPerDART diagnostic microarray test will be validated.

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