Crosslinks B.V.

Number of employees: 8

Crosslinks BV is leading company in the field of Bioinformatics. Crosslinks is a company in the incubator of the Erasmus MC, as spinout from the department of Bioinformatics. Crosslinks’ aim is delivering services, solutions and technology in the field of new advanced visual informatics software designed to deal with large data sets (i.e. from genomics and proteomics experiments) for life sciences companies and biomedical research.

The combination of cutting edge ICT technology and in-depth knowledge of life sciences and medical research makes Crosslinks an outstanding partner in the field of molecular imaging and molecular diagnostics. Crosslinks applies the latest ICT solutions linking DNA microarray technology and mass spectrometry with other sources of biomedical information. Information sciences and life sciences in particular, require hardware and software solutions for effectively retrieving, querying and understanding information from various biomedical data sources. Researchers are confronted with massive datasets, which must be explored and interpreted in the context of other biomedical knowledge. Crosslinks helps researchers to rapidly classify, interpret and store information that is relevant to clinical and biomedical decision-making. To this end, Crosslinks participates in research and provides contract research as well as the development, integration and implementation of data storage, pipeline and data analysis software systems.

Crosslinks has collaborations with professional software vendors as Inforsense, Oracle and Spotfire, which enable visual and statistical interpretation of complex datasets. Crosslinks is involved in various research and commercial projects concerning the collection, storage and analysis of imaging, clinical and -omics data and the certification and implementation of microarray technology for diagnostic use.

List of principal management, scientific and technical personnel involved:

  • Ronald Nanninga, MScBA, CEO Crosslinks
  • Peter van der Spek, professor, PhD, CSO Crosslinks
  • Andrew Stubb, associate professor, PhD, CTO Crosslinks

Relevant publications:

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