Instituto Catalán de Oncologia

Number of employees: 988

The research group is formed by a multidisciplinary team of biologists, statisticians, computer scientists and clinical specialists. The group belongs to the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), a public comprehensive cancer center in the campus of Bellvitge (L’Hostitalet, Barcelona), partner of the School of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. The group, consolidated in 1995, has been investigating the genetic alterations in colorectal cancer in different aspects. An epidemiologic case-control study about genetic and environmental risk factors for colorectal cancer was performed during 1996-98. We have evaluated the association between the exposition to carcinogenic agents and a spectrum of mutations in the genes K-ras and p53, microsatellite instability and genetic polymorphisms in genes related to metabolism, inflammation, DNA repair and response to treatment. The biological samples of this study form a tumor bank that will be the source of samples for this project. A reduced set of these samples has also been studied with expression microarrays and CGH. Our group has also being doing novel research in epigenetics, defining the role of global methylation patterns in colorectal cancer. Also, plasmas of these patients (cases and controls) are being currently analyzed with MALDI-TOF techniques with the aim of finding proteomic profiles relevant for diagnosis and prognosis. In parallel to these clinical and biological researches, we have consolidated a Biomarkers and Susceptibility Unit with interest in apply methods and tools for analysis of genetic profiles and the study of gene-networks for prognosis and diagnostic biomarkers discovery.

Dr. Víctor Moreno is associate professor of preventive medicine of the University of Barcelona, director of the Programme of Cancer Prevention and Unit of Biomarkers and Susceptibility leader, at ICO. He is an epidemiologist with special interest in methodological aspects and biostatistics. He designed and conducted the case-control study that provides the samples for the proposal and has coordinated the research activities of ICO in colorectal cancer. He is co-investigator in MECC study, a large case-control study on colorectal cancer carried out in Israel in a collaboration with the University of Michigan and the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

Dr. Gabriel Capellà, director of the Translational Laboratory of ICO and Research Director of IDIBELL Foundation, has long experience in clinical and molecular research of colorectal cancer. He has been Principal Investigator of the projects on expression profiling of tumors using microarray techniques. His research group is interested in hereditary colorectal cancer, the use of genetic alterations in non-invasive diagnosis of colorectal tumors and in the search of novel prognostic markers both in local and disseminated disease.

Dr. Ramón Salazar, ICO oncologist responsible for recruitment, quality of the clinical information and follow-up of the patients.

Elisabet Guinó, ICO senior researcher of the Biomarkers and Susceptibility Unit with expertise in systems biology projects aiming to identify new cancer genes by reverse-engineering and gene regulatory networks.

Xavier Solé, ICO senior researcher of the Biomarkers and Susceptibility Unit with expertise in bioinformatics, systems biology, integrative data analysis, gene regulatory networks, geneome-wide association studies, microarray analysis and molecular basis of cancer genetics.

David Cordero, ICO researcher of the Biomarkers and Susceptibility Unit with expertise in bioinformatics, computational systems biology of cancer, machine learning, predictive models, high-throughput data analysis, biomarkers discovery and proteomics.

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