Location Name Presenter / Company Date Comment
Location Name Presenter / Company Date Comment
Riva del Garda, Italy Riva del Garda, Italy. Andrea Cuppoletti / MS 2 September 2008 Presentation
Sheffield, UK 4th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics. Giuseppe Jurman and Samantha Riccadonna / FBK 7-9 September 2009 Done Tutorial
Bari, Italy Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Risks and Challenges. Andrea Cuppoletti / MS with Stefania Tommasi / National Cancer Institute 10 September 2009 SuNS Introduction
Via MS Leaflet
Vancouver/Whistler, Canada NIPS 09 Workshop. G. Guzzetta, G. Jurman, C. Furlanello / FBK 11-12 December 2009 Presentation
Sterzing, Bozen, Italy Micro and nanotechnologies in cancer diagnostics and therapy. Andrea Cuppoletti / MS 12 January 2010 A Versatile Tool for Research and Diagnostics
Boston, MA, USA TIDES; Annual Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Discovery. Andrea Cuppoletti / MS 28-29 April 2010 SuNS Presentation
Kaiserslautern, Germany Workshop Photonikzentrum Kaiserslautern; Dr. Lutz Weber / thinXXS 12 August 2010 Presentation
Les Houches, France Data Driven Dynamical Network; Spectral measures for biological network comparison. G. Jurman / FBK 01 October 2010 Presentation
Suzhou, China Workshop Nypro Embedded Functionality Event; "Integration of microfluidic functions into disposable analytical devices". Dr. Lutz Weber / thinXXS 8 December 2010 Presentation
Anaheim, CA, USA MD&M West Innovation Briefs; Integrated Microfluidic Devices for Diagnostics. Dr. Norbert Gottschlich / thinXXS 09 February 2011 Presentation
San Francisco, CA, USA Lab-on-a-Chip World Congress 2011; Integrated Microfluidic Devices – Case Studies from Automated Patch Clamp to Portable CD4 Cell Counting. Dr. Norbert Gottschlich / thinXXS 29 September 2011 Presentation
Barcelona,Spain RECOMB-DREAM Conference 2011; Master Regulators of metastasisin early‐stage colon cancer. Solé X, Cordero D, Crous‐Bou M, Sanz-Pamplona R, Berenguer A, Moreno V. / ICO 14-19 October 2011 Presentation
Barcelona, Spain RECOMB-DREAM Conference 2011; Biological network comparison via Ipsen-Mikhailov distance. G. Jurman / FBK 16 Ocotober 2011 Presentation
Venice, Italy NanotechItaly. Davide Dattilo / MS 23 November 2011 Presentation of SuNS and HiPerDART platform
Zweibrücken, Germany Workshop Photonikzentrum Kaiserslautern; "Mikrofertigungsprozesse und ihre Anwendungen in den Life Sciences". Dr. Lutz Weber / thinXXS 8 November 2011 Presentation
Copenhagen, Denmark Network biology & network medicine. G. Jurman, S. Riccadonna, C. Furlanello / FBK 14 June 2012 Presentation
Pavia, Italy Stability Indicators in Network Reconstruction. G. Jurman, S. Riccadonna, C. Furlanello / FBK 22 October 2012 Presentation
Pavia, Italy DTW-MIC Coexpression. G. Jurman, S. Riccadonna, C. Furlanello / FBK 22 October 2012 Presentation
Pavia, Itlaly Emerging data waves in biomedicine: the challenge of
G. Jurman, S. Riccadonna, C. Furlanello / FBK 22 October 2012 Presentation

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